Our Mission is to access the student's learning ability, and allow the student to hope again in his/her education and potential.


Our Vision is to see students mature into confident, sucessful scholars, and exceptional leaders in their communities.


Our Philosophy is that every student has the potential to succeed. Our commitment to our students allows them to attain what they believed to have been an impossible goal; and makes it obtainable.

By imparting an "I Can Do" and "I Can Achieve" confidence in our students, they naturally acquire an assertive approach to their direct achievements. 

Journey of Student

Gaudium Day School is a cooperative that nurtures K-5 (elementary) and 6-8 (midddle) grade students.  Family involvement and commitment are necessary in the love, education, and growth of each student.

A student's journey begins with promoting success in his or her developmental milestones.  

We have innovatively designed a plan to build adventurous learners with the use of peer involvement and creative tools.

Encouraging students to have open dialogues with their peers, expands their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Through collaborations, ideas and methods of exploration, creativity and innovation are discovered.

"Gaudium Road Maps" navigate our students' imagination and curiousity. The weekly "Gaudium Road Maps" are tools used to offer clues into what will be discussed throughtout the week.

In promoting journaling, "Gaudium Passports" are used to share the students' weekly lessons with their family. The journal stimulates the students' ability to comprehend and recall information.