Enrollment, Tuition & Fees, Transportation

Thank you for your interest in exploring your child's quest with Gaudium Day School. 

To begin, here are a few items you may be interested in knowing.

Guide to Enrollment:

1) Submit an application along with a letter expressing your interest in your son/daughter attending Gaudium Day School.

2) Schedule a meeting (Q&A and child’s interview) with a member of Gaudium Day School.

3) Review and prepare forms for entry into the Gaudium Day School cooperative.

4) Finalize contract with Gaudium Day School.


Tuition and Fees:

Tuition and fees are associated with Gaudium Day School. Tuition is determined by the student’s grade level and includes all expenses for the entire academic year. To receive more information, please email info@gaudiumday.com.


Gaudium Day School does not offer transportation to or from school.  We only provide transportation to special activities and field trips.


Uniform Policy:

All students of Gaudium Day School receive one activity *shirt to be worn when not on the premises. Activity shirts are used as a safety measure to identify our students. *Additional shirts may be purchased.