Gaudium Day School is committed to the success of our students’ academics, social, and whole well-being. Each student will be respected, and conduct themselves as respectful young ladies and gentlemen.

Our objective is to teach our students in accordance with the learning format best suited for their comprehension (visual, audio, and/or kinesthetic). By focusing our structure of education on the student’s learning style, we have found that students are enthusiastic about learning. Our students are engaged completely in the learning process and they retain the information presented to them.

Education is most valuable when balanced. In rounding out the whole student, we instruct students on proper etiquette, being generous to one another, and demonstrating politeness, care, and consideration for others.  

Our school's tapestry is captivated by each student’s individual personality and does not seek to change their perfect creation. The greatest leaders were those thought to be different or inadequate to their peers. We believe in our students’ strong qualities. They are leaders, charismatic personalities, thought provokers, and truth-tellers. They are innocent. They are special.

It is important to remember that children will be children. It is not our purpose to divide and conquer the young. It is our purpose to listen to their hopes and grant them the opportunities and encouragement to explore and succeed.

We strongly believe that love conquers all, and with discipline, our students succeed.